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Room Reservations
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Room Reservations


WCSU's Campus & Student Centers have various types of conference rooms available for both University and student groups to use as well as rooms available for community use.

Services Available

  • Campus Center Rooms
    • Ballroom & conference / meeting rooms with various layouts that can use round or rectangle tables
  • Student Center Rooms
    • Theatre & conference / meeting rooms with various layouts that can use round or rectangle tables
  • Technology Available
    • Internet access
    • Laptops
    • LCD projectors
    • Microphones
    • Sound systems
    • TV  & DVD / VCR players
  • Accessories Available
    • Coat racks
    • Dance floor
    • Podiums
    • Staging
  • Presentation Materials
    • Dry erase boards
    • Easels
    • Flip charts

How to make a reservation
If you wish to make a room reservation please be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Date(s) - Have backup dates in case the date you request is not available.

  • Time - You will need to provide the actual time the event will begin and end and when you would like to access the room. For example, you might want to go in early to decorate.

  • Name of Event - Since most events appear on the University Events Calendar, you'll need to call it something meaningful.

  • Room(s) - Choose which room(s) you would like to use for your event.

    • For a list of rooms in the Midtown Student Center, click here

    • For a list of rooms in the Westside Campus Center, click here

  • Setup Needs - How do you want the room setup? (i.e. row seating, as a conference room etc)

  • Audio-Visual Needs - Do you have any special needs for equipment? (computers, LCD projectors etc)

Click here to make a reservation request online!

For questions about reservations, please email

Rental Rates
For University and student groups, all room rentals are normally free. There may  be extra charges for equipment, set-up or for personnel.

Community organizations should call the Associate Director at (203) 837-8211 for room rental rates and for any additional equipment fees.

Please note: Signs and posters advertising events may not be taped or posted on any walls, doors or windows. Doing so may remove paint, put holes in walls or leave glue residue behind. Please only post signs and posters on approved locations such as bulletin boards. Please see the Information Desk or the Campus & Student Centers Office if you have any questions about approved locations.







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