Career Success Center : Spotlight

Successful Students Using the CDC – Pauline Manley

Name: Pauline Manley

Hometown: Southington CT

Degree, major & minor (if applicable): Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Month & year of graduation: December 2014

On & off-campus involvement (clubs, organizations, professional associations, etc.):

  • Supplemental instructor for psychology research and statistics courses
  • Deans list
  • Mentor for elementary students
  • Organized and carried out several community involvement programs within Southington, CT
  • Marketing Club

Plans for after graduation:

I will be joining Teach For America as a 2015 Corp member. Teach For America is a non-profit organization whose mission is to solve the problem of educational inequity that exists for many students across the United States. Corp members teach for 2 years in the schools and communities that face the most challenges in order to close the educational gap that exists. I will be teaching elementary education in Massachusetts. While teaching, I will also be working toward my Master’s degree from Boston University.

What Career Services resources did you utilize?

I received help with editing and formatting my resume as well as finding postgraduate employment and internship opportunities.

Advice to WCSU students:

The biggest piece of advice that I can offer to WCSU students is to take advantage of every opportunity that WCSU has to offer. WCSU provides so many great opportunities for students that can help them while they are students here at WCSU and when they graduate. One place that I recommend for students to start is in the Career Development Center right on campus. Resume workshops, interview workshops, and the career fair are just some of the great services that are offered. Taking advantage of these opportunities earlier rather than later will truly be beneficial when looking for a job, an internship, applying for graduate school, etc.

Another piece of advice that I have is for students to get involved in something at WCSU. This can mean joining a club or maybe even participating in an independent study or research project with a professor. Getting involved on campus is a great way to grow as a student and to learn more about a specific area of your major. This involvement will speak volumes when it comes to applying to a job or postgraduate program.