Midtown Coffeehouse

This week’s Midtown Coffeehouse in the Colonial Corner will feature: 


All Night Open Mic

This is the night to show off your talent. Perform yourself (sing a song, play your instrument, do a sketch, tell a joke, or read a poem or short story), or, if you are not the performer type, convince a friend to go and come in support.
Enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and some of the complimentary refreshments.

So come check out this week’s Coffeehouse on Thursday night, February 15. Have a good time enjoying light refreshments and great music!!!

The Colonial Corner, Thursday nights, 8pm

Are you tired of spending your evenings alone in your room?
Are you looking to meet new people, listen to music or play a few games?
Do you enjoy going to concerts and like free events with free food?
Are you interested in sharing your talents or enjoy watching others perform during open mic?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then the Midtown Coffeehouse is the place for you. Coffeehouse is every Thursday night from 8-10pm in the Colonial Corner (formerly downstairs snack bar, Student Center).

Last Updated: February 2, 2018