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Fall 2019/Spring 2020 employment opportunities will be posted beginning in August 2019. Check back for job posts and/or inquire directly with departments.


Department: Office of the President

Location: University Hall, 315

Description: General office duties; greeting guests, answering phones; processing and delivering mail, copying and scanning; filing, managing calendar; assisting with meeting/event planning.

Schedule: Flexible

Pay Rate: $11.50/hour

Contact: Janet McKay, Administrative Assistant to the President; 203-837-8460 or


Department: Academic Affairs

Location: University Hall, 322

Description: Assist the administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs with various tasks such as filing, copying, scanning, research for presentations and publications, compiling presentation materials, phones, greeting visitors. The successful applicant will develop critical thinking, teamwork, career management and professionalism skills.

Desired Qualifications: Possess a professional demeanor; must be able to handle confidential materials, and ability to handle tasks expeditiously. Must have knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Schedule: 10 hours per week

Pay Rate: $11.50/hour

Contact: Jennifer Cunningham, Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; 203-837-8487 or







All student employees must be matriculated in at least 6 credits per semester to remain eligible to work on campus during the regular academic year (fall/spring).

NOTE: To be eligible for Summer employment, students are not required to be enrolled for summer courses, but must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in the subsequent fall term.


Student employment is an integral part of the university and of university life for many students. Student labor benefits the school in almost every academic and administrative department on campus. The student’s employment can be related to his/her major and/or interests and work schedules can be arranged around the student’s academic schedule.

Western Connecticut State University employs approximately 600 students during the academic year. The types of jobs available are as diverse as the students themselves. There is a complete list of jobs and their descriptions available for students to examine in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students are paid biweekly with an hourly rate of pay contingent on the difficulty of the position and the experience of the student. The first paycheck is held back for two weeks, as required by the state.

There are two major funding sources for the student labor force at Western Connecticut State University:

  • The Federal Work Study Program
  • The Institutional Payroll

The Federal Work Study Program is a federally funded program based on financial need. Because the program is financially need based, work experience is not the qualifying factor. In order to work under the Federal College Work Study Program, a student must have financial need, as determined by FAFSA. Work Study funding is limited.

The dollar amount awarded under the Work-Study Program to a student on his/her Award Letter, is not a guaranteed receivable. It is a fair estimate of what a student could earn.

Work-Study is an allotment that students can earn if they have a job on campus. It is not money that is directly deferred on their bill, or automatically applied while they are working.

If a student does not put in the necessary hours or is released from employment for just cause, the money shown on the Award Letter will not be obtained.

The Institutional Payroll is not based on a students financial need in relation to qualifying under the federal programs. Students are employed under this program based on the needs of the department, the availability of funds, and the student’s experience in specific areas.

All federal and state funds are subject to federal and state regulations and Western Connecticut State University will comply as mandated.


Federal Tax Information

Any funds received from scholarships, benefits, fellowships, WCSU or any other source that combined exceed the cost of tuition, fees, books, required equipment and supplies are considered taxable income. These include federal Pell Grants, but not federal loans. The borrower is required to report taxable awards to the IRS as income and therefore should keep a detailed record of all expenditures. Housing and food are considered nonexempt, so money spent on these items is subject to income tax.

Please note that International Students on F1 or J1 Visa must obtain work permission prior to applying for on or off campus employment.



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Updated 05/14/2019