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The Colonial Blue Army rallies for the football team
The Colonial Blue Army alumni football association has poured on the support for the WCSU Colonials, says the university’s head football coach Joe Loth, and that support has extended far beyond donations.

The Colonial Blue Army alumni football association is made up primarily of former team players and operates much like a booster group. The Colonial Blue Army provides financial assistance, manpower and the little extras that push the team forward. With this year’s funds, the football team was able to purchase a television to watch and analyze game and practice footage. The association also maintains a mentorship program.

Loth, who joined WCSU in late spring, took over the program when it was in need of new direction. Under his leadership, the team enjoyed its first win tin two years, which Loth considers a sign of better things to come.

“Turning around a team and program is very much a process. It starts with recruiting and, after you recruit, the players develop in the weight room, train and grow with leadership programs,” Loth said. “Next, the focus is on retention, which means keeping the players academically in-line so they stay in the program. The last thing is the actual football; the x’s and o’s that make up the plays in each game.”

Loth’s formula for success primarily involves time, something the team has a lot of after the end of the fall season.  Loth is excited about being able to work from the ground up, starting with recruiting, which he was not a part of last year.

“There are a number of winning teams on campus and, once we start winning games, it will all come together, especially with the further support and involvement of the campus and alumni community,” says Loth.  And the Colonial Blue Army is already full-heartedly endorsing WCSU football.

 “I really try to engage the student players by inviting alumni who played for Western to talk to the team,” Loth said. “I want to expose them to people who have become successful in the real world and who can discuss their experiences at Western and what the university meant to them.”

One of Coach Loth’s major goals is to see how far his team can go. With a commitment toward building a strong football team, Loth wants WCSU and the Colonial Blue Army to be proud of the team both on the field and off.

For more information on the Colonial Blue Army, please contact Coach Joe Loth or Colonial Blue Army representatives Adam Carley and Tom Feeley.

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