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The Second Annual "Ten Minute Play and Webisode Festival"

This April, Western Connecticut State University’s Communication and Media Arts, Writing and Theater departments will join together in holding the second annual "Ten Minute Play and Webisode Festival,' which will highlight original work from student writers, directors and actors.

Spearheaded by Professor Louisa Burns-Bisogno of the Writing Department, the festival made its first appearance last spring semester.  A firm believer of inter-disciplinary learning, Burns-Bisogno wanted to bring in students from all backgrounds and provide them with an opportunity to gain practical experience that extended beyond classroom academics.  “People don’t always see the big picture and something like this can bring you to a future career. Our students are able to learn to combine creative and digital skill sets,” she said.

Such collaborative learning has been long encouraged and celebrated within Western Connecticut’s Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences. The A&S School is home to 14 departments and 18 undergraduate majors, including Communication, Media, Theater and Writing. Dean of the school, Dr. Missy Alexander, endorses the festival.

 “We saw strong collaboration between professional writing and media arts with Election Connection and continue to see it with this festival," Dr. Alexander said. "The event highlights the experience of adapting writing transfers to different media, which is important in today’s professional market.”

What Dr. Alexander refers to is the shifting career opportunities for those studying media arts, communication, theater, and writing. No longer contained to solely television or film, those with expertise in such fields find themselves with a multiple media outlets at their disposal, one being the Internet. Webisodes, which are episodes, commercials, instructions, previews, and/or promotions formatted specifically for the web, are becoming an increasingly popular outlet for both professional and entertainment purposes.

The first festival was a tremendous success in that it brought in over 80 submissions; with more than 90 percent having been work created by Western students. Students who submitted work had the opportunity to be recognized and reviewed by top professionals in theater and media, thus providing students with valuable insight.  Professor  Burns-Bisogno proudly stated, “The festival was a true testimony to not only the enthusiasm and passion on this campus, but to the high quality of professional craftsmanship among our students.”

Hoping to bring the same level of excitement and success, this year’s event will be designated solely for Western Connecticut State University. Students will have until mid-March to complete submissions and the festival will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Burns-Bisogno promised, “This festival will be an impressive investment return to our students, the university and the state of Connecticut.”     

The festival is budgeted at almost $3,000-with no financial requirements for students. Much of the festival’s success comes from the donations of generous supporters. Investment in the second annual "Ten Minute Play and Webisode Festival" will guarantee continued advancement in student and university success.

For more information on the festival, visit the event website. To donate, please contact Jane von Trapp at the Office of Institutional Advancement.

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