Weather Center : WestConn’s Weather Team

Ryan Munn

Ryan grew up in the town of Windsor, Connecticut. His interest in weather stemmed from the time he spent as a kid at his grandparents’ house in the mountains of northern Vermont where, during the winter, snow was almost a daily occurrence. Ryan was always fascinated with how weather can change so rapidly and the effect it had on everyone’s life. At a young age he aspired to learn about all aspects of weather, with an interest in keeping his family safe. At the age of seven he moved fifteen miles north to Enfield, Connecticut, where he still lives today. He graduated high school in 2012 and knew he wanted to go to school for meteorology. He went to a local community college for three years and graduated with an associate’s degree in liberal arts to get a jump start on general electives. He then transferred to Western Connecticut State University. He is now in his senior year working towards a bachelor’s degree. He plans to go to graduate school next year and pursue a job in broadcasting or theoretical meteorology.