World Languages & Cultures

BS – Spanish (Secondary Education 7-12)

Application Criteria for Professional Programs: Deadline (April 1)

    1. APPLICATION: An application to the Professional Teacher Education Program. (You may obtain an application in the Education and Educational Psychology office WS 249.)
    2. PRAXIS I OR WAIVER: Evidence of passing Praxis I (or demonstration of eligibility for a Praxis waiver based on SAT scores as detailed in the Graduate and Undergraduate catalogs).
    3. TRANSCRIPT (3.0 MINIMUM GPA): A copy of WCSU transcript (and any other college transcripts) demonstrating at least a 2.8 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all undergraduate courses taken prior to Professional Teacher Education Program Acceptance (approximately 90 credits and reflecting courses in progress). GPA is cumulative for all transcripts at all institutions, not only WCSU courses.
    4. TRANSCRIPT (COMPLETION OF GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS): A copy of WCSU transcript demonstrating evidence of completion (or courses in progress during the current semester) of the University’s General Education requirements (42 semester hour minimum) in Communications, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics/Computer Sciences, and Physical Education, as well as completion of a Writing Intensive course.
    5. TRANSCRIPT (ED 206, HPX 215, EPY 203 or EPY 204): A copy of your WCSU transcript demonstrating evidence of completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of “C” or better on all asterisked courses on your program sheet, including ED 206, HPX 215 and EPY 203 or EPY 204.
    6. ESSAY: Submission of an essay demonstrating command of the English language, and explaining the reason for enrolling in the specific Teacher Education Program, emphasizing experience relevant to teaching.
    7. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Submission of at least two (2) letters of recommendation from persons outside the University who are able to testify to the candidate’s suitability as a prospective teacher.
    8. CERTIFICATION EXAMS: Submission of a plan to take the following exams: ACTFL Writing Proficiency, ACTFL Oral Proficiency, Praxis II – Content for Spanish.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The deadline for application to the Fall semester is April 1. In order to complete the application, you must follow the following procedure:

    1. COLLECT ALL MATERIALS: You must have all of your materials ready for submission before your scheduled interview with the faculty in Spanish.
    2. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: You must make an appointment for an interview with Teacher Education Faculty Liaison for Spanish (Dr. Luis Bonilla) before March 20.
    3. INTERVIEW: The interview must include the student and two faculty members.
    4. SUBMIT APLLICATION TO ED AND EPY DEPARTMENT BY APRIL 1: After successful completion of the interview, you will be ready to submit your materials to the Department of Education and Educational Psychology.


When your application is approved, you will receive a letter from the chair of the ED & EPY department.  In this letter you will be given instructions for registration.  You do not register for the professional semester during the normal fall registration process.  The number of sections of each professional semester course offered is determined by the number of approved applicants.  The courses are not completely determined until the summer when all applicants have been reviewed.  Once you are approved your are guaranteed a seat in a class.


When you apply for the professional semester you also need to fill out a placement packet for the student teacher placement coordinator.  This packet may be obtained from the ED & EPY office in WS 249.  Return the packet to Patricia Michael as quickly as possible.  Placement is competitive because there are several colleges and universities that place students in this region.  The student teaching placement coordinator will contact the schools to make a placement.  As tempting as it may be to try to speed up the process, please do not try to contact schools on your own.  Students do not arrange their own placement.