Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards (CUCAS)

2017-18 CUCAS Membership

CUCAS members are both appointed in ex officio positions and elected to represent the larger campus community. According to the bylaws, the committee consists of 17 voting and 3 non-voting members. The current members and their representative roles include:

  • Keith Gauvin, Registrar, ex officio
  • Jerry Wilcox, Director of Inst. Research & Assessment, ex officio
  • Chair: JC Barone, Elected Arts & Science Teaching Faculty
  • Patricia Ivry, Dean of Professional Studies, ex officio
  • Josephine Hamer, Dean of Arts & Sciences, ex officio
  • Brian Vernon, Dean of Visual & Performing Arts, ex officio
  • David Martin, Dean of Ancell School of Business, ex officio
  • Rebecca Wade-Rancourt, Elected Professional Studies Teaching Faculty
  • Douglas O’Grady, Elected Visual & Performing ArtsTeaching Faculty
  • Tom Yoon,  Elected Ancell Teaching Faculty
  • Barbara Piscopo, Elected Professional Studies Teaching Faculty
  • Amanda Lubell,  Elected Arts & Science Teaching Faculty
  • Jessica Eckstein, Elected At-Large Teaching Faculty
  • Katie Lever, Elected At-Large Teaching Faculty (on sabbatical leave, fall 2017)
  • Ming Ling (Cindy) Chuang (Elected Ancell School of Business Teaching Faculty)
  • TBA (VPA)
  • TBA (VPA)
    Student (SGA) Representatives:
  • Leah Harger (Macricostas A& S)
  • Lindsey Englander (Prof. Studies)
  • Javier Chiluisa Jimenez (Ancell)
  •  TBA (Art)