Information Technology & Innovation

Technology initiative for WCSU Police Department project

In today’s world, technological mobility challenges are present in all areas of our lives and police departments are no exception. Perhaps more so than at any other time, our WCSU police department relies on technology advances to help them keep our campus safe. After months of planning, preparation and collaboration with Chief Roger Connor, Lieutenant Richard Montefusco and members of their staff, IT&I rolled out a new mobility Virtual Private Network (VPN) for our campus Police Department called NetMotion.

NetMotion helps make sure that mobile users have continuous access to data as they perform their jobs in the field, moving from one wireless network to another. The software manages the client and server at either end of a network connection and the data flowing through the link. If, for example, a police officer travels through a dead zone and unknowingly loses a network connection, the software will automatically establish a new link when it reacquires a network signal. With NetMotion, our WCSU Police Department is now able to maintain reliable network connections and real-time mobile deployment – no matter their location. It provides officers with uninterrupted access to the resources needed to serve and protect our WCSU community.

Netmotion has been deployed by more than 80% of law enforcement agencies and 70% of the nation’s largest local police and sheriff departments.

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