We offer five different categories:

WCSU 411—Interviews with WCSU authors, Fulbright scholars and great teachers, plus Information about research and other accomplishments of students and faculty.

The Compassionate Achiever — Dr. Chris Kukk and Tracy Day interview guests locally and from around the world to explore compassion in all its forms.

Literacy Ladies — Professors in Education, English and Writing present innovative lessons in literature. For teachers, parents and everyone who loves to read.

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) — Examination of the latest ideas in teaching, classroom skills and student success. CELT professors stay abreast of trends and solutions and make them available to you.

Gab & GROW — Your location for learning about the people, places, and resources available at WCSU to help you be a successful student. Episodes are about as long as a bus-ride to the other campus. From “What’s happening in Athletics” to “Where is the Writing Center”, if you have a question, you’ll get an answer!

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