Tutoring Resource Center

Meet the Team

Peer Educators

A peer educator or tutor is a current WCSU student who possesses experience in a subject area or field, recommended by department faculty, and are trained to help guide their peers through a course by providing a proactive learning model. Peer educators or tutors are generally those who have exceptional study habits, strong interpersonal communication skills, and are upperclassmen who would like to teach after graduating. Additionally, each peer educator works towards enhancing the Tutoring Resource Center’s vision; to create a supportive atmosphere with an integrative approach.





















Center Assistants

Tutoring Resource Center Assistants are stationed at the front desk at various times throughout the week and weekends. 

TRC Assistants can help with:

registration and re-setting password for a MyWCOnline account(s); 

finding the content-specific tutor best suited to student’s need(s); 

scheduling new, modifying current, or canceling appointment(s);

introducing and/or finding tutor in library;

printing, small technical issues like installation of Photoshop, Blackboard instructions;

if needed, directions to other academic support services on campus (like the Writing Center or Ancell Learning Commons);

further explanation of our centers’ academic support services like giving flyers to those interested about upcoming TRC workshops or events.




Lauren Eddy 

Office in Haas Library: Room 206

Office Phone: (203) 837-9245 

2nd floor of Haas Library on Midtown Campus 

If needing a reference letter from a former Tutoring Resource Center, please call the current Coordinator and ask for their current contact information.